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David’s Story

David, 66, was diagnosed with dry AMD in 2016. For 40 years he worked as a highly skilled Chartered Chemical Engineer for the British Oxygen Company (BOC), but he retired earlier than planned due to vision loss.

“I enjoyed my job very much, but I couldn’t carry on. I couldn’t read emails, see engineering drawings, or drive to work. Working inside factories with pressurised gas cylinders became more dangerous with my worsening vision.”

Work is not the only thing David has given up due to his dry AMD. He can no longer see details of people’s faces. He often uses an app on his phone that reads documents out loud to him. David walks with a telescopic cane, which can draw unwanted attention. 

David joined the UK-based Macular Society for support and practical help, and he is a Group Leader for his local branch in Harrow, UK. David meets with others who have dry AMD and learns about research being done to help people with this devastating disease.