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Kiyoko’s Story

Kiyoko, 71, was diagnosed with dry AMD in 2013. Kiyoko lives alone, and takes pride in her independence. However, losing her vision has made it hard to remain self-sufficient. Kiyoko admits it’s been hard to accept this new reality, as everyday tasks she used to enjoy are now tedious and challenging. 

Reading has become difficult; she’s had to learn to cook differently because using knives with poor vision is dangerous. Her son manages her bills, and she often has to ask others for help. Each time, Kiyoko is reminded how dry AMD is taking her independence away.

Kiyoko enjoys traveling and makes the most of her trips. Though she struggled to capture the full beauty of the landscape during a trip to Patagonia in 2019, she was able to see shapes and colours.

“I loved the brilliance of the colours and the atmosphere, so I felt I could see the landscapes in my heart.” 

Over time, Kiyoko has learned to adjust to her vision loss. Classical music and ballet have helped her cope with her feelings. She also listens to podcasts focused on scientific advances and has great faith in science. She remains hopeful that a new treatment for dry AMD will one day be available in the future.